Wellness, Family, and the New Year with Truly Good Foods

Truly Good Goods Blog

The new year is here, and we have to say we’re feeling ’22. Between the chaos of working from home or returning to work, we have our eyes set on goals to keep us thriving this year. To help everyone out and keep us on track, we sat down with the leadership team at Truly…

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Snacks, Health, and Mindfulness with Charles Coristine of LesserEvil

We’ve been diving into what wellness means and how it relates to both a healthy body and mind. This month, we caught up with Charles Coristine of LesserEvil to discuss clean snacks, mindfulness, and your inner guru. Charles, can you give our readers a high-level overview of what LesserEvil does and what kind of products…

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4 Diverse-Owned Snack Brands We Love

Canteen’s supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify, build relationships with, and purchase goods from certified diverse suppliers. So, we analyzed the market, run the numbers, and tasted a few things to pick out four certified brands that represent our diversity mission and are trending like crazy. We’re not telling you what to do, but…

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Meet the Solutions

A breakroom by Canteen is convenient, connected and contactless. Whether you’re in need of a secure, controlled access option, or an open-air market, Canteen has an unattended retail solution that will give your guests complete control of their shopping experience. Meet our solutions. Micro Markets (Avenue C) Picture this. Your employees or guests have been busy all day,…

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Canteen Unwrapped: A New Virtual Snack Competition

Canteen Unwrapped

Have you ever wondered how that bag of puff chips or that new spicy turkey jerky ended up in your micro market or pantry? A lot more goes into it than you might think, but we won’t bore you with the logistics, what we will do is tell you how we find these new and…

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Take Your Snacks Up a Notch With These Snack Hacks

Snack Hacks with Canteen Snack Boxes

By now, most of us have gotten into a good groove with the current situation surrounding coronavirus, causing us to find a new normal by staying home as much as possible.  Whether you’re working remotely or social distancing in the office, one theme has consistently come up in virtual conversations and social media feeds everywhere:…

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Food for Thought: An Interview With Our Director of Innovation, Jessi Moffitt

post featured image food for thought

Welcome to the first edition of Food For Thought, a blog where we interview Canteen’s executives and learn more about their professional and personal lives. First up, Jessi Moffitt, let’s take it away.   Jessi Moffitt Director of Innovation   First things first, you’re moving to the Bay Area,the mecca of Canteen Pantry! How big…

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Tasty Snacks that are Healthy, Too: What You Need to Know

people snacking in breakroom

It’s that time of day when we start to stare into space (and maybe almost nod off). Yep, we’ve all been there. It’s between breakfast and lunch… And then again between lunch and the end of the day, when everyone in the office is looking for an energy boost. If it’s your job to help…

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How to Pick the Best Office Snacks

5 Easy Steps to Pick the Best Office Snacks

  So, your manager asked you to pick out some snacks for the office breakroom. Whether your team is large or small, trying to choose things that’ll make everyone happy can be a daunting task.  How do you get started? Here are 5 steps to make sure you pick the best office snacks: It doesn’t…

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The Snack’s Out of the Bag!

bulk snack selections

  How important is it to have snacks available in the office? A recent survey answers that question perfectly. Here are the facts: 1 in 2 associates say they think sharing meals with colleagues strengthens work relationships 57 percent said they would feel more valued and appreciated 41 percent said they would be less inclined…

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