How to Pick the Best Office Snacks

5 Easy Steps to Pick the Best Office Snacks

  So, your manager asked you to pick out some snacks for the office breakroom. Whether your team is large or small, trying to choose things that’ll make everyone happy can be a daunting task.  How do you get started? Here are 5 steps to make sure you pick the best office snacks: It doesn’t…

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The Snack’s Out of the Bag!

bulk snack selections

  How important is it to have snacks available in the office? A recent survey answers that question perfectly. Here are the facts: 1 in 2 associates say they think sharing meals with colleagues strengthens work relationships 57 percent said they would feel more valued and appreciated 41 percent said they would be less inclined…

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Snacks and Summer Fun!

watermelon image

With a month left, enjoy your vacation days and check out some great ideas for nutritious snacks, family activities and summer fun!

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Hot New Flavors

hot flavors image

Add a little spice to your life! Take a look at these unique new flavors that are bringing you a fresh and nutritional twist this August.

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Playing with Your Food

Packing your lunch every day can get a little stale, especially when you’re trying to eat in a way that’s better-for-you. Let’s get creative!

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Food for Your Mood

Eating fun foods is a fantastic way to enhance your mood! Learn why and also how to spice up your selection with these snacks and small meals.

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Savory Snacks in Disguise

Ever tried a snack expecting it be sweet, but turned out to be savory? In the case of these two savory snacks in disguise, it is a pleasant surprise!

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