4 Energizing Snacks for Allergy Season

girl blowing her noseAs spring continues, you might notice that your allergies are at an all-time high, which can put your energy at an all-time low. A powerful boost of energy from these better-for-you snacks should wake you right up!

Whole Grain, High-Protein Bars

You might consider these as just a way to fill up when on the go, but they can work wonders even while you sit at your desk. These bars are packed with natural energizers, like protein and whole grain fiber. Grab an all-natural bar for additional energizing benefits!


Yogurt tastes great and goes with almost everything. Did you know that the benefits are great, too? Yogurt is rich with magnesium which supports energy levels and is loaded with protein and carbs, which can help you endure allergy season. Want to spice up your yogurt a little?  Drizzle some honey, flax seed or granola for extra flavor, nutrients and fun!


It doesn’t get any more natural than seeds. Look for pumpkin seeds or chia seeds, since they are full of nutrients, vitamins, protein and fiber that will kick your metabolism into high gear. Give them a try and you may see a spike in your energy.


Options like string cheese can be a fantastic addition to your diet because they are packed with calcium, protein and nutrients to keep you going. Perfect with a crisp apple or whole grain bread, kick-start your day by grabbing a low-fat selection to keep your energy levels up.

Keep an eye out for these snacks and lots of other energizing solutions at your local vending machine or Avenue C market. These premium selections are specially designed to keep you recharged throughout your day, even during allergy season!

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