Gut-Healthy Beverages: An Alternative to Sodas

Enjoy a bit of the bubbly

Have you ever wanted to quench soda cravings without the guilt of high sugar content and artificial products? Maybe you’re looking for alternatives that are both tasty and functional. A growing trend in gut-focused drinks opens opportunities for great soda alternatives to take centerstage. These beverages contain beneficial probiotics and other natural ingredients that promote…

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9 Factors Defining Sustainable Break Rooms in 2023

At Canteen, we’re committing to being better stewards of the environment. Sustainability is a core part of our strategy, what we stand for, and what we offer as a company. Our Sustainability Platform centers around purpose – How do our offerings support communities and people where we live and conduct business, and how are we…

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Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Cold Brew is the New Hottest Coffee Trend

RTD Coffee Trends

Convenience is key – that’s the thought behind one of coffee’s hottest trends, RTD Coffee. Ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee refers to canned or bottled cold coffee products sealed for whenever you’re ready to sip. In 2019, the global RTD coffee market was valued at $22.4 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach $42.4 billion by…

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Sustainable Plant-Based Living with Oatly!

The global food system is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a huge deal, and our partners at Oatly are leading the charge against climate change by innovating with plant-based alternatives, dropping emissions, and promoting healthy living with delicious oat milks, creamers, ice creams, and so much more. We sat with their thought…

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4 Diverse-Owned Snack Brands We Love

Canteen’s supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify, build relationships with, and purchase goods from certified diverse suppliers. So, we analyzed the market, run the numbers, and tasted a few things to pick out four certified brands that represent our diversity mission and are trending like crazy. We’re not telling you what to do, but…

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Trend Report: Snacking in a Post COVID-19 World

Trend REport Canteen

As our ‘new normal’ begins to take shape in the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many are still left wondering where we go from here and how all of this will affect daily life in the future. We’ve been asking ourselves the same questions and our Innovation Team went to work to answer them. Someday soon…

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Cool snacks, hot trends!

snack and drink image

We’re busy people in need of an eating schedule that fits our on-the-go lifestyles. Because of that keeping up with what’s trending is something we make a priority. Providing information on what’s hot in both the snack and beverage industry allows you to give your team options they’ll love. This includes things like out-of-the-box flavors…

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