How Food-Based Perks Support Recruitment and Retention in the Workplace

How Food Based Perks Support Recruitment and Retention in the Workplace

In today’s landscape of innovation and progress, industries are continuously evolving, posing ongoing challenges in recruitment and retention. According to recent studies, 90% of organizations are concerned about employee retention, and 69% of employers say they struggle to find qualified candidates for open positions. Amidst these challenges, more and more employees are seeking unique and enticing office benefits and perks.  

Recruitment remains a top workplace struggle as executives strive to attract high-quality talent. Leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to attract talent because skilled employees are looking for top-tier companies offering competitive compensation, the opportunity for career development and growth, and desirable benefits and perks. 

Not only are workplaces struggling to recruit exceptional talent, but they are also struggling to retain it. Given the rarity of exemplary talent, prioritizing retention becomes essential. Considering the rapid pace of technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, employers are looking for employees who can keep up. The ability to adapt, referred to as upskilling, is incredibly significant to retention efforts. 

Driving Innovation and Optimizing Operations through Upskilling 

Employers who prioritize upskilling are working to ensure that their workforce is equipped to face the demands of a changing industry. The goal of upskilling is not to replace jobs, but to enhance their current workforce by introducing new skills and knowledge. A Gartner study found that 58% of employees need new skills to do their jobs successfully, calling attention to the necessity for upskilling. Companies with upskilled workers can remain competitive as technology, like artificial intelligence, continues to propel the industry forward.

Upskilling is an investment, but one that has financial benefits. The cost to upskill employees can be much less expensive than the cost to replace employees due to turnover. Companies can upskill their employees by frequently providing new training opportunities and mentorship programs that introduce new skills and competencies. When provided with the necessary tools, employees become valuable assets that drive operational excellence within the organization.

The Role of Employee Satisfaction in Workplace Success 

Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in workplace success. Engaged and satisfied employees tend to be more productive, loyal, and committed to the organization. Investing in employee satisfaction can reduce turnover, attract top talent, and foster a positive workplace culture that promotes innovation, collaboration, and excellence. 

Offering competitive compensation, opportunities for career development, a positive work environment, and good benefits are all excellent ways to promote employee satisfaction. When individuals perceive that their contributions are recognized and rewarded through benefits, they will likely feel more motivated and engaged with their work and company. 

One of the most effective approaches to support employee wellness and satisfaction is to offer food-based perks. Food-based perks, not only provide a well-sought-after benefit, but also create time to connect. By offering a space for employees to connect over food or drinks, companies can cultivate a sense of community and enhance a positive workplace environment.

What Food-Service-Based Perks Look Like in the Workplace

Advancements in technology across the workforce beg the need for future-forward food services that embrace innovation. Our real-time reporting systems and data analytics offer valuable insights into breakroom operations, facilitating informed decisions, predicting maintenance needs, and identifying inefficiencies. Implementing these solutions increases efficiency and boosts profitability for your company. 

Food-based perks are a valuable tool in increasing employee well-being, happiness, and satisfaction. This can enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, improve safety, raise engagement and retention, amplify positive culture, and attract talent. Our diverse portfolio of solutions is designed to provide options of food-based perks for your unique space and industry.

How Do Food-Based Perks Support Recruitment and Retention? 

Food-service-based perks make employers stand out to employees, as high-quality candidates want quality benefits. A recent E15 survey uncovered that 54% of workers said that catered lunch events were their preferred social event type, followed by 39% of workers who prefer breaks with coffee, tea, and snack options. These findings highlight the significance of food-based perks in attracting top talent and ensuring a competitive edge amongst other employers. 

Food-service-based perks not only attract talent, but help to retain talent as well. When companies invest in benefits that their employees care about, they create a positive and supportive environment that helps retain employees. Additionally, these perks foster a sense of community among workers as they share time over snacks and meals, strengthen connections, and feel engaged with the company and its people.

Benefits of Outsourcing In-Office Food Perks with Canteen 

Food perks don’t just benefit the employee, they benefit the company. By prioritizing strategies that help with recruitment and retention, turnover rates are reduced, minimizing those expenses. Additionally, outsourcing food services presents cost-saving opportunities as we offer bulk purchasing and menu optimization to mitigate costs that would otherwise fall on your company. Moreover, our healthy meal and snack options promote employee health, potentially leading to decreased health insurance costs for the company. 

By outsourcing food service, your company can allocate resources more effectively and allow employees more time to focus on your business’s core competencies. Additionally, your company mitigates food-related risks by ensuring proper sourcing and employing certified and insured technicians, effectively transferring responsibility to our team. 

As a food service partner and the largest unattended retail provider in the U.S., we leverage design expertise, consumer insights, and the latest in product and equipment innovation to help you create a better workplace and connect your employees. Get started with Canteen today and see how a food and beverage program can transform your workplace.

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