Snacks and Summer Fun!

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The nights may be getting cooler, but summer is not over yet, which means there’s still time for a vacation… or even a staycation! No matter how you decide to spend your time off, let’s make it simple to keep your wellness goals, and maybe bring some tasty snacking ideas back with you to the office. The key is variety and some great-tasting substitutions. Here’s a list of some nutritious and delicious snacks perfect for the summer season:

  • Fresh fruit salad – watermelon and berries make great desserts, especially with a little yogurt or whipped topping
  • Veggies and dip – carrots, celery, broccoli and peppers and dip in low fat ranch dressing
  • String cheese and whole wheat crackers – better-for-you and portable
  • Cashews and almonds – a nutritious, protein-rich treat

Snacks to stay energized… check! Now let’s dive into some neat ways to make this summer a memorable one:

  • Explore a Local Festival – Summer is full of festivals! From fun activities to unique foods, a festival is a great way to enjoy where you live, learn new things, and engage with your local community.
  • Go for a Hike – Take a trip to the mountains or your local park. Connect with the world, while getting some fresh air and exercise! Remember to pack a snack to power you to the end of your adventure.
  • Visit a local farmers market – This is a great way to find delicious, fresh produce in the summer and support the local movement.

There’s still one month left before the end of the season, so you still have plenty of time for some fun and relaxation. And when it’s time to head back to the workplace, don’t worry! Your local Avenue C is ready, stocked with healthful options like the ones we mentioned to keep you on track. Enjoy the rest of summer… with a nutritious snack in hand!

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