Hot New Flavors

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What’s happening in August…besides the last full month of summer? New products with unique and fresh flavors are hitting the market with a nutritional twist! Tasty options like these are made for those looking to support a healthier lifestyle, including:

  • Iced Coffee – Bottled iced coffee options are becoming more and more popular. Some emerging brands are adding exciting flavors like lavender,cashew & sea salt, and cardamom to their iced coffee to make the experience not only more unique but also making it healthier by reducing the amount of added sugar.
  • Probiotics – Focused on improving your digestive health, probiotic products like yogurt and kombucha are seeing exotic new flavor options. Turmericginger, and even cayenne are showing up to spice up your pantry snack selection.
  • Nut Butters – Nut butters are great, high-protein options for your pantry. We’re seeing tasty flavors like espresso, vanilla, coconut, and cinnamon raisin enter the nut butter offerings. Designed to fill you up and taste great, nut butters are worth going nutty for!

Making the better choice has never tasted so good. Want to learn more? Drop us a line, and we will give you the scoop!

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