Chef A.J. Moll Cooks Healthy Meals for Students

We all know that getting kids to eat healthy food can sometimes be a challenge. Canteen Chef A.J. Moll accepted the challenge and is on a mission to cook nutritious meals and snacks for the students at his school.  To top it off, Chef Moll makes sure his recipes are delicious while educating kids on…

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Meet the Solutions

A breakroom by Canteen is convenient, connected and contactless. Whether you’re in need of a secure, controlled access option, or an open-air market, Canteen has an unattended retail solution that will give your guests complete control of their shopping experience. Meet our solutions. Micro Markets (Avenue C) Picture this. Your employees or guests have been busy all day,…

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Jenifer Halin’s Passionate Journey through the Food Industry

Jenifer Halin Canteen

At just 29 years old, Jenifer Halin opened her first restaurant. She quickly built a following and knew the food industry would be her home for years to come. From studying abroad in Paris, France to becoming an Executive Chef at Neiman Marcus, Jenifer’s path has been nothing short of motivational and exciting. We have so many talented and inspiring women just like Jenifer at Canteen. And while the entire world celebrates International Women’s Day, a day to “celebrate…

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How Food Can Change the World

An image of a globe resting on a dining plate

It’s true that a lot of food goes unused… The amount however, may surprise you. Americans waste about 40 percent of their food. Unfortunately, wasted food also means wasted water. By just throwing away common food items such as lettuce, apples, tomatoes, eggs and beef, the average American wastes about 26,000 gallons of water per…

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