How Food Can Change the World

It’s true that a lot of food goes unused… The amount however, may surprise you. Americans waste about 40 percent of their food. Unfortunately, wasted food also means wasted water. By just throwing away common food items such as lettuce, apples, tomatoes, eggs and beef, the average American wastes about 26,000 gallons of water per year.

Food can leave a serious footprint, which is why here at Canteen, we strive to make ours smaller and smaller. In fact, our Menus of Change efforts work towards healthier, more sustainable menus in our cafes. And in 2016, we were able to reduce our red meat consumption by 103,475 pounds and our reduction in CO2 is equivalent to planting 59,000 trees…that’s enough to fill Central Park twice! In addition, our reduction managed to save 185,590,000 gallons of water, which would be enough to provide a day’s worth of water for 463,475 families of four!

In addition to making our eco footprint smaller, we also partnered with companies that strive to make sustainable and nutritious food more accessible to everyone.

At Hampton Creek, they believe that food should not only be beneficial for our bodies and the planet, but also affordable, accessible and insanely delicious. Working with farmers, chefs, food scientists, single moms, schools and politicians, Hampton Creek strives to fix a broken food system for everyone, everywhere. They’ve done exactly that with all of their products including dressings, mayos, mixes, cookies and cookie dough.

Luvo has revolutionized the frozen meal as a healthier choice, with a dedication to reducing sugar and sodium while increasing freshness and variety. “We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or nutrition for convenience. All of our meals include a healthy balance of protein, whole grains and vegetables, while being responsible with sodium and added sugar.” – Christine Day, Luvo CEO

Ready to work together to save the world? Let’s do it one bite at a time!

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