Combo Cravings for the Big Game

football image

It’s true. The biggest football game of the year is one of America’s favorite (unofficial) snack holidays, and it’s almost here! But why wait until the big game to get started? Check out some traditional favorites that will have you feeling festive before game day even arrives.

Chips & Dip

Grab some tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese sauce for a traditional plate of nachos. Add some guacamole, sour cream, and jalapeños for a flavor explosion! Spicy not your style? A tasty spinach artichoke dip with chips is a smooth, velvety game day favorite.

Burgers & Fries

A classic, American favorite like a burger is easy to customize to your personal choice (sliders are even better for group meals).  Got a bacon craving? Sprinkle some bacon, then add some lettuce and tomato for a meatier version of a BLT! Feeling like you might want a better-for-you option? A veggie burger topped with avocado, mushrooms, and onions will give you the same savory flavor. Don’t forget the fries (regular or sweet potato) to finish off this classic dish.

Wings & Things

Munch on some wings to get into the game day spirit! Whether you like them plain, buffalo, or BBQ, wings have become a staple at parties to celebrate the big game nationwide. Carrots & celery with your dip of choice (ranch, bleu cheese, etc.) make an awesome side that will give your mouth a cool, creamy break from the wings.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share! This snack opportunity is a great chance to build teamwork and increase the hype for the big day! For options like these and many more, check out our catering offerings for an office party you won’t forget.

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