We’re proud to offer concepts that look good and taste great, too!  Our chefs are dedicated to making sure the latest trending cuisines and seasonal dishes are a part of your rotating options, incorporating local ingredients whenever possible.  Let us take you on a tour of what we have to offer.

Click on the logos to learn more about each concept

  • Picture it – your favorite restaurant.  Have you ever tried the featured dish of the day?  Our Chef Inspired concept delivers that same level of excellence in these unique, limited-time-offer cuisines.  The excitement and curiosity of what’s cooking in the café will inspire guests to come in and discover the foodie that’s inside.

    Chef Inspired
  • From fresh-baked pizzas, stuffed strombolis and oven roasted vegetables to crispy flatbreads, you’re sure to attract a crowd!  From our kitchen to your café, this concept focuses on top-quality, authentic Italian ingredients ranging from traditional to gourmet.  Incorporating garden-fresh produce, succulent sauces, authentic cheeses and the finest proteins creates a winning combination.

  • Steak and potatoes, pot roast, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, casseroles… and don’t forget the apple pie!  What could be more comforting than these classic dishes?  Given today’s food trends, these traditional cuisines may very well share the table with exotic foods and ingredients from around the world, as well as regional staples.  There is nothing like The Main Dish that brings home-cooked flavor with a new twist to the table, or in our case – the café.

  • A melting pot of cuisines and cultures has always been a defining trait of our country.  The Global Market is a unique concept with a flexible set of menu options, each having its own flavors of origin.  The enticing aspect of worldly foods from all over the globe will bring a loyal following in no time.  With six themed cuisines to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

  • Build a better salad full of flavor and nutrition using wholesome ingredients that are harvested in a socially responsible way.  Whether made-to-order, served on a salad bar, or available as grab-and-go, salad is a staple item—no matter how you chop it.  We take better-for-you eating even further by thoughtfully selecting ingredients with each café in mind.  Combine fresh, seasonal produce, your favorite dressings and proteins for a winner every time.

    Simply Salads
  • With all its flame and glory, the grill is arguably the most popular station in the café.  Why?  Well, who doesn’t love a good burger, be it beef, turkey or veggie? With various service styles to meet your need and our wide selection of freshly prepared toppings and sides, your creative license is almost limitless.

  • Your neighborhood deli.  The menu line-up: subs, grinders, hoagies and wraps.  Uniting fresh-baked bread and rolls with high-quality vegetables, toppings and house-sliced meats, you instantly have a winning sandwich. Whole grain breads, lean meats, and a variety of fresh vegetables are offered daily to deliver on our promise of wellness.  For the finishing touch…your pickle on the side.

    Market Street Deli
  • Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. With the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle and crammed schedules, many find it difficult to stop and enjoy breakfast.  Good Morning answers the call of this much-loved meal with various service styles, letting guests dine any way they want and move on with their day.

    Breakfast Sandwich

Our design team will help turn your café vision into a reality. Ready to get started? Talk to us today!

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