We help you navigate the world of Canteen at your convenience with answers to the questions we most frequently get.  If you don’t see a topic covered here, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.  

Q How do I request a refund from a purchase I made at a vending machine?

A – If you paid by cash, please contact your local branch for a refund.  Unsure which branch is in your area?  Contact us so we can help.  

If you paid by debit/credit card or on your phone with mobile pay, please review your bank statement.  

*If your statement reads, “USA Canteen Vending city/state” visit USA Technologies at and complete the online form for a quick refund process.  You can also contact USA Technologies at 888-561-4748 (choose option 1).  For help with either of these, you can email them at

*If your statement reads “CMS Vend*CVcity” please and complete the form for a refund for the company Crane.  For help with this form, you can contact their support at  


Q How do I request a refund from a purchase I made at Avenue C or Smart Market?

A – Contact your local branch for a refund.  


Q How do I submit a service request for a machine that’s not working?

A – Contact your local branch and they will service the machine.  


Q I order my coffee and other products through your online system for my breakroom.  Whom do I contact about billing or a question about my order?  

A – Contact your local branch and they can help with any orders placed for your breakroom.  


Q Where do I make a request for a product that I love and would like to see offered in my location?  

A – Contact your local branch and they help with that request.  


Q When is the main customer service department open?  

A – Our main corporate customer service department is open Monday through Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm EST.  We observe all corporate and national holidays. After any holiday break, we’ll return all messages when we return to the office.  

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