Celebrating Hispanic Heritage & Latinx Heritage Month with Back of the Yards Coffee Co.

Back of the Yards Coffee Co.

Our suppliers’ coffee is what keeps us going… quite literally! We’re honored to work with coffee roasters whose mission is to give back to the communities in which they’re based.

This Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month, we celebrate Back of the Yards Coffee Co., a Latinx-owned coffee business based in Chicago. We sat down with this pioneering team to discuss their drive and passions in the coffee space and how they work every day to lift their community and culture.

Back of the Yards’ mission statement mentions that Back of the Yards “strives to honor the immigrant working class tradition of Chicago.” What does this look like in your organization, and how do you demonstrate this goal?

We do this in many ways, such as by honoring our working-class roots in our branding and the names of the coffees and products that we create. We honor our immigrant roots through the unique and authentic flavors and blends that we offer, such as cafe de olla. Most importantly to us, however, is that we are job creators, bringing meaningful employment and job training to folks in a community that sorely needs them, in many ways like how the old Union Stockyards and theindustrial park that followed provided to generations of immigrants looking for stability for themselves and their families.

What does Latinx Heritage Month mean to you?

To me, it’s a small sign of recognition of the many contributions made by a community of over 62 million people and our ancestors to this country and the world. Especially because that history is often overlooked in our school history books. It’s also an opportunity to show our growth and share our beautiful culture with the world. We are as American as apple pie, with a dash of sazón!

What about your culture/heritage are you most proud of, or do you value most?

Specifically for immigrants and the children of immigrants, like myself, what I’m most proud of is our resiliency. What it took for our parents to get here, to thrive, and then for us to jump through all kinds of hurdles and excel is just amazing. Being bilingual and bicultural is a beautiful thing.

How does your cultural background influence how you operate your business?

We are one of the only Latinx-owned coffee companies in the country. The flavors that we offer, the locations where we are looking to set up, and the areas that we market are 100% informed by our cultural background. Coffee on this side ofthe hemisphere is grown 100% in Latin America, and the Latinx community drinks more coffee than any other ethnicity in the US.

How can we continue to raise awareness about celebrating Latinx heritage in our businesses and communities?

Buy Latinx. Support Latinx-owned businesses. Hire Latinx and promote them to positions of leadership, as we bring a unique and important point of view and perspective that is shared with 20% of the U.S. population. The best way to celebrate our heritage is by opening doors and supporting our endeavors.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you to Tradecraft for your partnership in advancing Latinx-owned coffee companies and for helping us reach our success. Gracias!

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