How Lavazza is a Sustainable Coffee Choice This Summer

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Our fellow coffee experts and partners at Lavazza are absolute fanatics about sustainability on a global level. Lucky for you, that all trickles into your Canteen coffee plan. We love a good sustainability story, so we connected the pieces and decided to lay out the highlights for you here.


Since the 1930s, Lavazza has stood on its foundation of sustainable sourcing and providing great coffee, from plant to cup. Coffee as a crop is one of the most vulnerable to climate change. So, Lavazza has made a point to work with people and organizations, implementing economic, social, and environmentally sustainable projects.

Goals include:

  • Supporting people’s business development in their home countries.
  • Promoting gender balance to enhance the role of women.
  • Ensuring better access to food resources
  • Providing agricultural best practice training
  • Supporting reforestation and effectively responding to climate change.

Let’s run the numbers.

  • 24 Projects supported by the Lavazza Foundation
  • 17 Countries
  • 4 Continents: North and South America, Africa, Asia
  • 94,000+ Direct beneficiaries

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Lavazza has since decided to follow UN guidelines for responsible consumption and production and climate action. The efforts go so far as to launch a “Roadmap to Zero” strategy, aiming to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2030 gradually. They plan to do this by:

  • Monitoring direct emissions under their control
  • Indirect emissions from the generation of electricity, heat, and steam purchased and consumed
  • Finally, indirect emissions across the entire supply chain.


From monitoring comes action. Lavazza’s entire packaging supply will shift to reusable, recyclable, or compostable options by the end of 2025. With coffee machines designed for reduced energy consumption, Lavazza is well on its way to a higher level of sustainability for its team and partners.


Want to get involved and support your office with sustainable drink and coffee solutions? Then we have good news. Lavazza’s latest creation with Flavia, the C600 beverage system, is ready for your summer needs. The C600 is capable of both hot and cold drinks, from coffee to teas to flavored water. Check it out and get started with Canteen and Lavazza today!

C600 Cold Drink options