Anatomy of a Vending Machine

Say hello to the humble snack machine-pretty simple, right? It may seem that way from the outside, but there’s a lot happening behind the scenes to make sure you get the product you want when you make a selection. Take a look behind the curtain – click any of the topics below to see what makes today’s vending machines more than meets the eye.

image of vending machine for anatomy guide

Mom always said “turn the lights off when you leave the room”. We’ve applied the same principles of energy conservation to vending. Our machines spend a lot of night and weekend time all by themselves, so we use motion sensors to turn off the lights, and in some cases power down the machine, when no one is around. Mom would be so proud!motion sensor example

Almost everything is available at your fingertips these days, and customer service should be no different. Unique Connect labels on every Canteen vending machine give you instant, 24/7 access to nutritional information, promotions, videos, and our customer service team, should you need them. Simply scan, call or text…Connect! example of using connect

So many choices! We offer more choices than ever before in our vending machines, including many new products and up-and-coming brands, and touch screens give our guests all the details about flavors, ingredients and nutrition they need to make informed decisions. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy playing with a touch screen?! example of using screen

Many of today’s customers have gone completely cashless, preferring to pay with credit card or mobile. We’re adding these payment options to more machines each day to make it easy for guests to swipe or tap and be on their way. What about cash, you say? It may no longer be king, but it’s still in the royal family and will probably never be completely kicked out of the castle, so no need to worry, our machines still accept cash and coin. payment options image

The dreaded hung product—a vending patron’s worst nightmare. You can rest easy, though, because infrared detection greatly diminishes the likelihood of products getting stuck by turning the spiral multiple times until your product falls through the infrared beam, ensuring you receive the snack you’re craving. woman using machine

Our hardworking machines aren’t done once you’ve made your selection and moved on with your day—they’re talking to our iVend software to help our teams plan for the next visit. Sales, inventory, and other valuable data are collected to improve product selection and ensure your favorite items are always in stock. vending machine service example

Work smarter, not harder. Telemetry allows us to monitor our machines in near-real-time to know exactly how many products have sold since our last visit so our drivers know which machines need servicing and can take exactly what they need to fill each machine. This means less strain on our drivers who have to lift and carry the products, as well as reduced weight in our trucks, improving gas mileage. machine service provider example