The Connect & Pay App: Features and Benefits

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The Connect & Pay App: Features and Benefits

These days, it’s rare that any of us walk out the door without a phone weighing down our pockets or handbags. The average American spends about four hours and 30 minutes a day on their mobile device. We carry our phones around so often that many of us even have forms of payment saved on these devices. That is exactly why Canteen has made it all the more convenient to check out at our vending machines and Avenue C markets. We want to meet our customers where they are, and evidence shows that where they are is on their smartphones!

Not only are more people on their phones, but they also value self-checkout options more than ever. In 2021, self-checkout represented 30% of transactions, nearly double what it was in 2019. You should be able to shop how you want when you want, and our markets should be a place where you can do so.

We’re taking the hassle out of unattended retail solutions. After all, you’re hungry! Why delay getting food in your hands? 

The easier we can make a transaction, the more convenient it is. We want you to breeze through our unattended retail solutions with the least amount of friction possible. It’s now even easier for customers to grab and go with this cashless payment option. With the quick scan of a code, you could be snacking in no time.

Not convinced yet? Let us illuminate the possibilities.

Connect & Pay Features

  • Personalized Account — When you set up your account with a unique login, you can customize features to best reflect how you use the app. Using Bluetooth, you can easily find the Canteen vending and market locations closest to you. Your account balance and rewards are right at the top of the screen so you don’t miss a beat when grabbing something to eat.
  • Virtual Wallet — In the app, you can link an Avenue C market card and/or your preferred payment methods. Keep your balance up to date by filling up your account. You can even reload it automatically! Just use our auto-reload option to replenish your account if it falls below a decided balance. Your account never has to be empty, and neither does your stomach!
  • QR Code for Touchless Transactions — The trusty QR code at the top of your Connect & Pay screen makes it easy to pay with just a scan and a tap. These touchless transactions are quick and simple so you can start snacking in no time.
  • Transaction History — Need to keep an eye on your spending? Or maybe you can’t remember the delicious flavor of sparkling water you enjoyed a week ago. With an up-to-date record of your recent transactions, you can easily find it in just a few swipes. All your receipts are just one tap away.
  • Reporting — Need to report a technical issue? You can do so right from the app! Reaching out directly in Connect & Pay will get you in contact with our customer service team, Canteen Connect, who will reach the appropriate team to service the malfunctioning machine.diagram of app


  • Monthly Promotions — We want to give our users the best value. We regularly leverage our relationships with our vendors to give Connect & Pay app
    discounts on your favorite food and drinks. You may also have access to exclusive giveaways. These promos are only available through the app, so it’s certainly worth the free download and account setup.
  • Hassle-free Payment — With Connect & Pay, shopping with Canteen is easy. All you’ll need is a mobile device. Is the line to your Avenue C getting backed up? You won’t have to wait in it to swipe your card! After selecting your location, the app may prompt you to scan your items with your phone camera. Just grab what you need, scan your items, and you’ve got a fast pass to your favorite snacks.
  • No Service, No Problem — Is the point of sale down at your Avenue C market? You won’t have to worry about that. Even when a market device isn’t accepting cash or cards, your Connect & Pay app will do the trick.
  • More Coming Soon — It’s going to be a big year for our mobile app. With many exciting features still in store, you won’t want to miss out on this app’s many benefits yet to come.

The Connect & Pay app allows shoppers to shop how they want and when they want. It’s a quick and convenient way to maximize your breaktime. Our mobile app makes it easy to get food or drink in your hands with only a tap of your phone.

We’re listening to your feedback and implementing new capabilities to evolve alongside our clients. From checking your balance and reloading your account to earning rewards and sharing what you’d like to see in your markets, snacking is now easier than ever. You can download the app on Apple and Android devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Connect & Pay app and get your snacks in a snap.