How to Get to Avenue C

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A Canteen Avenue C marketplace
Take a look at the street signs around the office. More importantly, look at the ones leading you toward the snacks, drinks, and coffee in your office.

Are you seeing an outdated drip coffee machine? What about the same three snack options on a weekly rotation? You might be finding yourself in a labyrinth of lackluster.

At Canteen, we want your breakrooms to be the best they can be. And so, we’re here to tell you how to get to Avenue C!

What’s an Avenue C?

Avenue C is Canteen’s micromarket solution that gives guests the food and beverage options they need and deserve.

Picture this. Your employees or guests have been busy all day, and their energy is draining. They don’t have time to pick up lunch, and they’ve forgotten a snack from home. This is where Avenue C comes in.

These on-site, 24/7 self-checkout marketplaces make your guests’ snacking quick and convenient. Employees can enjoy the reprieve of a quick bite to eat or reenergize with their favorite energy or sports drink. They don’t have to go off-site for a snack or a meal, saving them a potentially stressful commute.

Hospitality guests enjoying time away from home can find a variety of well-loved and newly discoverable snacks they might not have access to in their local areas.

With Avenue C markets, you’re guaranteed to deliver a unique and quality experience. These contactless markets offer a variety of healthy snacks, drinks, and fresh food to keep everyone fueled.

Avenue C Offers…

Hundreds of Snacks

Tired of the same old, same old? Chances are, so are your employees or guests. Thankfully, Avenue C markets offer hundreds of snacks in a wide-ranging profile of suppliers. Whether your consumers are trying to find a trusted and familiar brand to snack on, or if they want to branch out and explore diverse-owned and local options, Canteen’s Avenue C has the variety modern snackers crave.

Canteen is proud to support and partner with small businesses, including diverse- and women-owned businesses, providing a larger platform to share their missions. We prioritize supporting businesses that align with Canteen’s core values. 

When shopping in Canteen markets, your consumers can choose brands that are dedicated to sustainability, supporting veterans, and diversity and inclusion.

Canteen Avenue C design exampleStunning Design

With customizable fixtures and state-of-the-art technology, Avenue C markets are both attention-grabbing and efficient. Canteen wants to create an experience your shoppers enjoy and that will keep them coming back for more.

No matter what the interior design in your space looks like, Canteen works with you to create a market specifically designed for your space. While we enjoy standing out, we also know how to blend in. We work with your team to create a market all your own. Based on your budget, branding, and goals, Canteen is determined to create the Avenue C of your dreams.

Flexible Functionality

Avenue C is as flexible as modern consumers’ schedules. It’s hard to please everyone, especially when customers find a closed sign on the door after traditional business hours. That’s why Avenue C markets operate on a 24/7 schedule. And Canteen has the technology to do it.

Markets can be equipped with several technology options:

  •  Large: For populations of 250 or more, this is our full build-out market equipped with a payment kiosk for credit cards, mobile wallets, thumbprints, accounts, or our Connect and Pay® app.
  • Medium: For populations of 150-250, medium solutions accept credit cards, mobile wallets, thumbprints, accounts, or our Connect and Pay® app.
  • Small: For populations of 75-150, small markets fit an innovative smaller checkout module for credit cards, mobile wallets, or our Connect and Pay® app.
  • Lite: For populations of 50 or more, our smallest market is sleek and simple, designed to fit against a wall or on a countertop with a low-profile checkout system integrated directly into the design.

Not sure if it will fit in your space? Don’t worry, our team can customize the micro market and its technology to fit your brand’s voice and aesthetics. To learn more about our Micro Markets and the technology in them, visit here.

We work with you, not against you. We lay out all the information you need to build a great market that your staff and your guests will love.

“Unattended” can be a scary word, but Canteen’s unattended retail markets are safe and secure. We provide a range of options, including video surveillance and security technology, to ensure your Avenue C markets are properly monitored.

Consumer insights inform Canteen’s backend analysis and reporting. This tells us what your guests are looking for every time they visit your Avenue C market. It informs our teams what your guests are looking for so we can keep popular items restocked.

Secondarily, smart logistics, smart warehouse technology, and localized data provide a holistic view of what Canteen needs to do to provide the best experience for your guests. We fill orders with nearly 100% accuracy and work diligently to get your guests what they need. After all, we take snacking seriously!

Choose Canteen

Since 1929, Canteen has provided food and beverage solutions with a commitment to service, leadership, people, innovation, quality, and wellness. Nearly 100 years is a mighty long time! We’ve been in this game since the roaring 20s, and we’re determined to succeed. Your teams and our teams can work together to help each other keep winning.

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