Meet the Solutions

Bauhaus Market

A breakroom by Canteen is convenient, connected and contactless. Whether you’re in need of a secure, controlled access option, or an open-air market, Canteen has an unattended retail solution that will give your guests complete control of their shopping experience. Meet our solutions.

Micro Markets (Avenue C)

Small micro-marketPicture this. Your employees or guests have been busy all day, and their energy is draining. They don’t have time to pick up lunch, and they forgot a snack from home. Enter Canteen’s micro markets. An on-site marketplace for guests to grab a snack or a fresh meal without having to go off-site. Open 24/7, these contactless and self-checkout markets offer a variety of healthy snacks, drinks, and fresh food to keep everyone fueled.

Choose between:

  • Kiosk: Our full build-out market solution accepts credit cards, mobile wallet, thumbprint, or utilizes our Connect and Pay® app.
  • Tablet: Great for offices, schools, and more. Designed for 100-200 guests, tablet solutions accept credit cards as well as mobile accounts via our Connect and Pay® app.
  • Mobile: This compact market solution is perfect for populations of 25-100 guests and can be installed against a wall or on a countertop. To check out, guests simply use the Connect and Pay® app.
  • Built-In: Save space with a checkout system built directly into the market. Just grab a snack, scan, and go.

Not sure if it will fit in your space? Don’t worry, our team can customize the micro market to fit your space. To learn more about our Micro Markets and the technology, visit here.


Coffee & refreshments

We know coffee is one of the essentials to a good morning. With our partners at Tradecraft, the leader in delivering transformative craft coffee and specialty tea experiences, we can kick your day off the right way. From craft coffee and tea to the best equipment like kegerators for cold brew and specialty training, Tradecraft can help bring the coffeehouse experience to your workplace.

Need a breakfast bar or a snack with your coffee? We can do that too. At no cost to your associates, we can provide a variety of traditional and emerging snacks and beverages. Offering a subsidized office snack program creates an inviting break room space, giving your team the ability to connect and collaborate and ultimately love where they work.

A few of the benefits we love:

  • “Trendy” snacks – we offer a wide variety of traditional snacks and beverages as well as emerging, innovative brands
  • A dedicated account manager for all your snacking needs
  • Guests can give feedback on what they like and don’t like using our innovative Eat it or Delete it app
  • Track, manage, and view costs and current performance
  • Design your breakroom to create a space that engages your team and brings people together

Learn about how you can change up your space to bring the best in snacks and coffee by visiting here.



Connecting over a good meal helps bring people together and build lasting relationships. Our goal for dining is to deliver our culinary excellence to guests at corporate workplaces, manufacturing companies, college campuses, and more! While taking into consideration the best wellness and sustainability practices, our chefs create menus that are seasonal and authentic to ensure we serve delicious meals every time.

Because we are big on technology, we offer the latest such as self-serve kiosks, digital signage, and online and mobile ordering so guests can order ahead. We also incorporate technology into our quality assurance procedures and tracking/monitoring systems.

Want to learn more about our Dining program? Visit here.



Canteen began with vending in 1929, and we’ve continued to innovate every day since to give our guests exactly what they need when and where they need it. With SmartService, we can talk to our machines to determine what’s selling and when, using that data to determine the exact products that need refilling.

And because convenience is key, guests can use our Connect & Pay app to purchase a snack, beverage, or safety product such as health aids, face masks, nitrile gloves, and more.

Interested in learning more about our vending solution? Get started today!