National Iced Tea Month—Drink to Your Health!

a glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon

June is upon us, which means so is National Iced Tea Month! We all know that iced tea is a great hydration option for the summer heat—but did you know that unsweetened iced tea is also considered a natural superfood? The Harvard School of Public Health has issued many reports praising the health benefits of…

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A Better-for-You Take on Beverages

Bev Newsfeed - Better for you

Did you know that bottled water is expected to surpass soda within the next two years as the largest beverage category in the US? That’s right! These days, better-for-you qualities are what many people look for when picking out something to quench their thirst. So, why not offer the drinks your associates are looking for?…

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Be Cool with Hot Tea

The tea industry is growing, and with that, comes a revival of old traditions! Get behind this trend by learning the best ways to enjoy a mug of hot tea.

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How Do You Take Your Hot Chocolate?

Cooler temperatures have arrived. Time to wrap up in a warm blanket and sip on some delicious hot chocolate. And maybe even jazz up this traditional wintery beverage with some of these tasty additions!

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