Canteen’s Pantry Solution: Is It Right for Your Workplace?

Canteen's Pantry Solution: Is It Right for Your Workplace?
You’re likely familiar with your pantry at home, with an assortment of cereals and all your favorite snacks. It’s a space that’s carefully curated from grocery shopping or delivery boxes. Now, how about a pantry in the workplace?

A pantry at work should be just as well-stocked and coordinated as any other. As employees consider what your company offers, a desire for meals and snacks at work is on the rise. Not only do employees want to have easy access to food and drinks, but they also want a place to gather around it.

With a Canteen pantry, you can offer your employees free and subsidized snacks and beverages to keep your team well-fed. By implementing a solution your workers value, you can increase employee satisfaction and improve company morale in the workplace. The simple act of providing food and beverages to your employees can have a big impact when it comes to boosting productivity and fostering a culture of togetherness that helps everyone succeed.

What is a Pantry Solution?

Canteen pantry solutionLet’s face it, none of us are superhuman, and we all lose steam throughout the workday. One way or another, we all need a break and time away from our desks or workstations. Fifteen-minute breaks are a great way to refresh, but the occasional spare moment might not be enough time to slip into your car and go through a drive-through to pick up a bite to eat or a coffee. However, it is enough time to take a few steps to the nearest breakroom and replenish.

Pantries are a free or subsidized snack program with bulk and packaged food and drink options. With a pantry in your workplace, you offer employees the food and beverage service they deserve to keep them going.

No matter your budget, Canteen has an option that fits your needs. When accommodating your team, we’re committed to supplying the latest in snacks, including various trendy snacks and brands for every taste preference.

A Canteen Pantry Offers…

Hundreds of Snacks

Variety is the spice of life. It might also be the key to keeping everyone in your office happy. Our pantries keep things interesting with consistently rotating snacks and beverages you choose. If one option no longer serves your workplace, we’re happy to replace it with something in higher demand.

We carry fan-favorite brands everyone is familiar with, but we don’t limit you to them. Interested in trying something new and pleasing your workers with lesser-known brands? We do that too! With a diverse portfolio of options, we have everything you need to delight your staff. Whether you want to play it safe or branch out, we’ll guide you through the process.

Value-Driven Offerings

If you’re looking for a way to highlight your company’s values, the food items in your workplace should reflect them.

We don’t just talk about our portfolio of options because it’s impressive, it also drives missions that align with our organization’s overall purpose. Many of our pantry partners are passionately dedicated to their unique missions and are committed to bettering their communities.

If your company is a proud proponent of diversity, equity and inclusion, social responsibility, and/or sustainability, we have partners that you can represent in your pantry space.

Quick Installation

The timing of a pantry installation will vary and look different depending on your organization’s size, though we can accomplish a full refresh relatively quickly.

A small pantry can be installed quickly with a single-day turnaround time. To transform an entire campus, our team will work with you on a transition plan that ensures no disruptions for your teams.

We’ll get your pantry up and running in no time so you can focus less on providing amenities for your workers and more on what your business does best.

Sustainable Options

If your organization is making sustainability a priority, a pantry solution may help you along the journey. We offer bulk snacking options and specialty dispensers to allow for less packaging and a great user experience.

We also partner with sustainable brands around the country to help fuel their mission to create a better earth for generations to come.

We work with our clients to customize their pantry space based on their goals. If your organization is interested in going plastic-free, we can supply your pantry with non-plastic options. Trying to cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles in your offices? Our smart water dispensers encourage your team members to ditch the plastic and enjoy purified, sparkling, or flavored water right from the tap.

Man and woman enjoying pantry snacksStrengthened Community

Introducing a pantry solution can boost the morale around your workplace. Food brings people together, and having some readily accessible will encourage higher participation rates at your worksite. 

If you’re still struggling to get people back into your workspace, a Canteen pantry may be the perfect way to invite workers back into the building and keep them around. Pantries are a great way to unify a workforce by supplying the complimentary food and drink they want to access during a long workday.

With more people on site, great things can happen including higher rates of collaboration and the exchange of creative ideas.

Choose Canteen

Completely altering a workspace seems like a heavy lift, so don’t go it alone! When you choose Canteen as your partner, we’re not just here to provide snacks (although that’s certainly part of it.) We want your workplace to be the best it can be, and your breakrooms are a great place to start. We offer custom breakroom design, allowing you to choose the contemporary style that best fits your business. 

We also want to implement solutions that benefit your workforce. From grab-and-go meals to office coffee, we strive to keep your team well-fed, satisfied, and supercharged for the workday. Choose a partner that keeps your workplace’s best interest in mind. Choose Canteen!