Iced Coffee is Trendy

iced coffee image

Iced coffee is a favorite among java lovers, but did you know that more and more people are drinking it every day? 27% of U.S. consumers enjoyed iced coffee in the past month, and 61% of those consumers ordered iced coffee away from home. As more people enjoy iced coffee, new flavors and options hit the market every day.

Nearly 80% of premium coffee drinkers are seeking something new. By introducing fun flavors like coconut, blueberry or caramel crunch swirl, the coffee industry is staying ahead of the curve and getting coffee fans even more excited about what’s in their cup. An extra boost of flavor can really kick start the day.

Cold brew coffee is a great way to satisfy your coffee craving! This state-of-the-art brewer provides iced coffee on tap with cold brewing technology. Quality, ice cold coffee with the push of a button sounds like the perfect start to a productive work day!

Hop on the iced coffee bandwagon and join the rest of America, who is already enjoying these refreshing and energizing beverages! It’s the “cool” thing to do.

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