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We want to hear from you!  Building relationships is the best part of providing excellent service to our clients. That’s why we’re now offering Canteen CONNECT nationwide!  With this tool, guests around the country can now reach us faster, get information on our promotions, and make suggestions easier – all at your fingertips.

connect phone app imageHere’s how it works:  In order to CONNECT, you can (1) text/call the numbers listed

on the CONNECT label, or (2) scan the available QR code. Through text/scan, you will reach a home screen identifying your location. Through phone, you will reach a menu of options.  You can then choose the action that meets your need:


Sometimes, you need to get in touch with Canteen for a service request.  With CONNECT, you can reach us in just a few simple steps.


Drop us a note to let us know how we’re doing.  Your ideas help us stay on top of our game.


Your health and well-being is a top priority for Canteen, and our wellness solutions are designed with that in mind. We want to be as up-to-date with all of the latest health and wellness trends with our app.  Through CONNECT, you can look up nutritional information on your favorite products so you’ll have a little extra help on your wellness journey.


We’ve always got something in the works, whether it’s a Canteen promotion or one of our latest national partnerships.  Winning free swag is always fun, right?  Be sure to stay informed about our latest promotions with CONNECT.

Yes, you can get all of that with a text, scan, or even via phone call. Just look for CONNECT labels in our Canteen locations. We’re making getting in touch simpler and we look forward to hearing from you! CONNECT with us today.

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