Safety Brings You Home

Our associates work in a variety of fast-paced environments, from bustling café kitchens and warehouses in constant motion, to route and service trucks on the road from sunup to sundown.  These valuable team members are our greatest assets, so it should be no surprise that safety is at the top of our priority list.

Earlier this year, we launched our Safety Brings You Home program as a way to encourage safety and celebrate our associates doing the right thing when it comes to safety.  This program rewards associates for working safely, and it reminds them of all the reasons they have to get home safely every day —spouses, children, pets and hobbies.

This program is off to a fantastic start! Our local teams have embraced it and are already seeing outstanding results:

– Canteen San Diego has created a culture where they place less emphasis on punishing those who have violated a safety policy, and focus more on rewarding associates who identify and help correct unsafe situations. They have multiple safety programs all geared towards boosting team scores: Safety Pyramid, Safety Football and Safety Jeopardy just to name a few.

Leo Cecil Canteen Safety program in San DiegoMore recently, the San Diego team implemented the “Good Catch” safety program and their “Find it-Fix it” forms as accountability tools for all their associates. The Find it-Fix it forms are used to identify and resolve potential safety concerns as a team, and the Good Catch program awards cards to associates who are caught performing a safe act.

Route Driver, Leo Cecil, has been awarded the most cards so far and appreciates the focus his team has placed on safety: “Safety has been important to all of my employers throughout the years, but the safety card program is a good way to get everybody focused on what is obviously a top priority for Canteen.”

Canteen team Safety program in Wilmington– Our Wilmington team celebrated safety success this summer by hosting “safety cookouts” to reward associates for being safe in the workplace and to educate them about additional ways to stay safe on the job. Giving much of the credit to these cookouts and quarter on quarter safety incentives, the Wilmington team has been accident-free all year!

Canteen launched our Safety Brings You Home program
– Coffee Distributing Corporation (CDC) in New York City held a Safety Brings You Home Campaign in August where associates shared testimonies of what motivates them to keep safety top of mind.
Thanks to the program, more than 300 associates at CDC were injury-free!

We’re proud of the efforts of all of our teams to make safety a top priority, and we look forward to even more great Safety Brings You Home success stories in 2017!


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