Tackling Your New Year’s Resolution

Trying to pick one thing to work on for a whole year is not an easy task. Sticking to your New Year’s resolution is an even bigger feat to tackle!  Change careers, manage stress and get fit are some of the top resolutions made every year. Here are some tips to help you stick to them.

image of womanChange Careers

This year you may be looking to move to the next role with your company or make a career move. Whatever the case may be, check out Canteen’s Careers page to see if there is an opportunity that is a great fit for you.

Manage Stress

Okay readers, we know stress is not fun and can really impact your body. It can make you feel more tired than usual, moodier, and give you headaches, but put the stress ball down. Foods can actually help reduce stress. Try berries, cashews, chocolate and oatmeal, to name a few. The great thing about these foods is that you can find each of these in either our Avenue C locations or various vending machines.

Get Fit

No, we don’t have a list of secret diet foods to help you get fit, but we do have some advice. Plan ahead! Make time during the day to plan what your next meal or snack will be. Not being prepared is when you might not make the best food decisions. You could also visit your nearest vending machine and look for a Choice Plus identifier to help you make healthier choices.

On top of a healthy diet, did you know medical pros suggest we take 10,000 steps per day? That’s about five miles! If you have a desk job, that can be a little difficult to do. Try making a conscious effort to step away from the computer and take a stroll around the office once in a while. The steps will add up. Pair all of that with regular exercise, and you will be on your way to resolution success!

So this year, as you watch Ryan Seacrest lead the official countdown on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, pick your resolution, and then tackle it head-on!

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