Be Cool with Hot Tea

girl holding hot teaBrrrrrr! Cold temperatures are here and it’s high time we break out the hottest trend of the decade: hot tea. Over the next five years, the tea industry is expected to double in size, and with it will come a throwback to some classic traditions:

Flavors & Tea

Tea is delicious all on its own, but adding in honey or peppermint can add a delicious hint of extra flavor.  You can even find fun flavors such as vanilla, cranberry, and blackberry. Get creative with your tea this season. Want something even better?  Try adding a splash of milk to turn this soothing drink into a decadent delight. Experiment with different kinds of flavors to find the perfect tea combination for you.

Desserts & Tea

Some desserts make perfect pairings with coffee, while others make great partners for tea. Biscuits, cakes, and cookies are perfect additions to a tea time break, so be sure to grab a snack before you sit down to enjoy your tea.

Wonder what’s driving this tea trend? Tea has tons of great benefits, such as providing a great source of antioxidants, and gives you a little energy boost. Millennials absolutely love it. According to recent studies, millennials are drinking hot tea as much as previous generations drank coffee. Talk about a hot trend!

How will you enjoy your hot tea this winter? With a splash of milk, or maybe with a tea cake? Either way, be sure to drink a soothing mug of hot tea this season and join in the trend. And remember, pinkies out!

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