Hot or Iced? Tea for All Seasons

No matter what time of the year it is, you can always count on tea to refresh the body and soothe the mind, which is probably what drives this tasty drink’s popularity. Did you know that approximately four in five consumers drink tea? Millennials are most likely (87% of millenniums drink tea) to sip this classic favorite. Can you blame them? Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of refreshing iced tea in the spring and summer heat, or a soothing mug of hot tea during the brisk fall and winter months? Have you thought about ways to mix up your classic tea?

iced tea imageHot Tea

Although hot tea is perfect anytime of the year, it’s especially comforting and delicious during chilly months. It’s the perfect way to start your day or relax before bed with a nice mug of Chamomile tea. There’s a variety to suit every taste and moment.  And remember, tea naturally doesn’t contain sugar, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet. Fun tip: Use peppermint or some local flavored honey to add some sweetness to your cup!

Iced Tea

A cool glass of iced tea in the summer is always refreshing. And if you don’t have time to make a fresh batch at home or for the office, many iced teas come ready-made! Get all the benefits of a glass of tea for a busy workday, without spending time making it.  In 2014, “Ready-To-Drink” tea sales were estimated to be more than $5.2 billion. It’s the trendy (and delicious) way to satisfy your tea craving.

Check out an Avenue C near you for some delicious bottled tea options. If you’re of the hot tea persuasion, our Refreshment Services may be the solution you’ve been searching for!

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