Recognizing our Great Canteen Ladies

Did you know? We’re celebrating our first official National Inclusion Day this June, but it’s more than just one month… We recognize the importance of inclusion every day as an integral part of our operation and one of the keys to our success as an organization. For instance, during the month of March, International Women’s Day united the world in commemorating the social, economic, and political achievements of women. Here at Canteen, we made sure to do something special for the women on our team who have gone above and beyond. And what better way to recognize them than to give them a big shout-out for their hard work, perseverance, and compassion on and off the job?

These nine women are from all across the country, and we are proud to show off their incredible achievements and continual success as they move forward with us here at Canteen!

Katie Winter, Best Vendors:

Katie has been with Best Vendors for 17 years. She started right out of college in our customer service department. Katie has gone from being a Client Manager thirteen years ago, to now overseeing a group of national accounts worth more than $300 million in annual revenue.

Katie has a team of 27 people and leads by example each and every day. She holds her team accountable and uses team-building and training to ensure everyone is always growing. Her efforts have obviously paid off with a 99% customer retention rate for several years running. She not only oversees the whole client team but is always participating and leading committees to enhance our services to our clients and the best-in-class Best Vendors culture. Having Katie as VP of National Clients is truly a luxury for us.

Laura Wagner, Franchise Group:

Laura Wagner has been with the company since 1994. That’s 23 years this upcoming July! She is currently the Franchise Director of Food Service and has been in this position since 2011. Laura supports both dining and culinary centers with regulations, training, marketing, processes and procedures. Fun fact… Laura has a degree in German and International Studies as well as her MBA. She is fluent in German and was a foreign exchange student for two years.

Joan Pedersen, Canteen Refreshment Services

Joan is an outstanding example of a woman who goes above and beyond. She has constantly shown:

Loyalty and Dedication: Joan has been with Canteen for over 40 years!

Flexibility and Adaptability: She is involved in both vending and office coffee business.

Leadership and Teamwork: Joan is a very effective leader, and she is always quick to recognize anyone for a job well done.

Giving Back: She happily gives her time to various local charities. Most recently, she was very involved with Mooseheart, a place of care and refuge for children of troubled home life.

I can’t imagine a more deserving nomination.

Tijuana Stukes, Mid-South Division:

Tijuana is on the Mid-South Division team. She’s been with us since 2011, and quickly adapted to the role to become a solid contributor! She is raising both a son and a daughter (mostly on her own).

Shortly after her arrival at Canteen, Tijuana was stricken with cancer, but has tackled this overwhelming challenge just like her job….as a fighter. And throughout all of the challenges in her life, she never misses an opportunity to smile!  Her positive attitude is absolutely contagious. Tijuana is truly a prime example of will, drive and determination.

Donna Fread, Central Division:

Donna Fread is the Division Operations Controller for the Central Division in Dallas, Texas. Donna is a 41-year associate of Canteen!  She has held many positions in her tenure including District Accounting Manager and FSC Manager. One of Donna’s best characteristics is her incredible work ethic.  She is admired by all of the Central Division team members who work with her on a daily basis. She is a great wealth of knowledge and a resource for everyone!

Mags Boyle, Mid-Atlantic Division:

Since joining Canteen in May of last year, Mags Boyle has supported the dining team in both marketing and merchandising, making such a difference for not only Canteen, but for our clients too.

Mags continually works closely with our Regional Chef to fine-tune our culinary standards. She also supports the Midwest dining team and always delivers positive results. We are so fortunate to have her on the team!

Heidi Schuerstedt, Midwest:

Heidi’s glass is always somewhere between being half full and overflowing. Her spirit, enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude play a major part in her team’s success. Here are a few highlights:

The 2016 Midwest Wellness Challenge encouraged the division to “be well” in all aspects of their lives, including a daily dose of good old-fashioned kindness and compliments. Heidi made it fun and was totally the cheerleader!

Heidi was super involved in planning and executing Mooseheart and Canteen’s 1st Annual Give a Heart Day.

She accepted the chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC) for 2017 and immediately looked for ways to improve, engage and inspire our associates.

Andrina Thomas, Pacific Division:

Andrina joined Canteen a little over a year ago as a Customer Service Manager in San Leandro, CA. She is an extremely hard worker and has taken on all challenges with a smile and high energy. Andrina is undoubtedly viewed as the stabilizing factor by her colleagues in San Leandro.

While Andrina thoroughly enjoys her current role, she can also see a long future with Canteen and Compass Group, aspiring to maybe join the HR team one day.

Sandy Goodson, Southeast Division:

Sandy Goodson is currently the Regional Director of the Southeast dining team. She is also a long-time diversity leader serving on the DIAC for many years. She is a role model, coach, cheerleader and friend to many.

Sandy is well respected throughout all of Canteen and goes out of her way to bring the next generation of leaders along.

As you can see, these nine women have accomplished a lot, but the list doesn’t stop here. We have so many wonderful associates who make up our Canteen family, associates who work together and leverage diverse personalities and skill sets to achieve the common goal of providing the best service to our customers. Thank you to each and every associate for making inclusion a priority and celebrating the diversity that makes us strong.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page to see if there is an open position in your area.

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