The Hottest Drinks Keeping Your Office Cool This Summer

Hottest Drinks of Summer

Warm weather, short Fridays, and happy hours – the stuff summer dreams are made of. While we all long to skip out early and embrace the hot evening with a cocktail, there’s no reason to limit your summertime vibes to after-work hours. A wide selection of cold, refreshing drinks full of tropical flavors can bring all the beach feels right to your desk. Our data team ran the numbers on the fastest-growing drink categories this season and which brands are sure to please your team. So, break out the flip-flops and shades because we’re kicking back at a beach condo right here in the office.

The New-Age Movement

Starting off with the definition of trendy – new-age beverages are based on the idea of healthier alternatives to the legacy beverages known to dominate the market. Having been around for a decade or more, new age beverages, as a category, aren’t a new concept despite the name. However, the trending desire for guilt-free indulgence lets this industry continue to boom with plenty of new entrants designed to be refreshing, hydrating, and just plain delicious.

Popular options:

Naked Power-C


Core Hydration

Core Hydration

Pricklee Hibiscus


ALO Juice














So Juicy

Let’s take it back to the basics. Our childhood favorites still boast bold citrus flavors and a plethora of nutrients. Nothing quite says summer like a classic glass of OJ, and it looks like you agree. We’ve seen juice steadily rising in popularity as summer comes around, so stock up and enjoy!

Popular options:

Welches Grape


Snapple Apple


Minute Maid Cranberry Apple

Minute Maid













A Sprinkle of Sparkling

Adding a little sizzle to summer favorites, sparkling beverages are coming in hot this season. Of course, you have the basics with S. Pellegrino and Topo Chico, but new brands with tropical, citrus, and fruit flavors dominate the landscape this year.

Popular options:

Bubly Sparkling Water



Sparkling Ice













Pro Level Gut Health

Kombucha fans are on to something. Probiotics, the healthy bacteria in your gut that help digest food and keep things running smoothly, are essential to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Kombucha is loaded with the little guys, and its cult following has known it for years, embracing the teas as summertime favorites and reaping all the rewards while feeling their best. But no longer is that fermented tea the king of boosting stomach health. New brands are constantly popping up with probiotics in flavored sparkling and water varieties.

Popular options:



Karma Water














So as summer rolls in and with it, hot hot hot weather, everyone’s looking for cold refreshing drinks with plenty of summertime flavor to stay hydrated and keep the vibe light. Of course, you can skip out of work and enjoy some happy hour fun, but in the office during the day, we have you covered. Get started today to kick off the season in style.

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