Environmental Benefits of Canteen Water Filtration Services

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Depending on the size of your business, your workplace could go through a five-gallon water jug as often as every day. Not only can this be expensive, but it’s not very good for the environment. With record high temperatures sweeping the U.S. throughout the past decade, we want to spotlight Canteen’s water filtration services, which keep your employees and customers hydrated during hot days, and are much better for the environment than other filtered water alternatives.

Jug water delivery has a huge environmental impact. When you factor in electricity, fuel, and water required for manufacturing and delivery of plastic water bottles, the use of plastic water jugs in businesses is responsible for consuming 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity, burning six million gallons of fossil fuel, adding over 70 million pounds of waste to landfills, and using an extra gallon of water for every gallon of water that is bottled.

By replacing water jug delivery with a water filtration cooler in your business, you’ll have a significant positive impact on the environment. In fact, replacing just one jug water cooler with a filtered water cooler is the carbon footprint equivalent to planting up to 120 trees every year.

Canteen is proud to bring you EcoStream countertop and standing water cooler units, which are fully certified to meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. EcoStream water coolers hook right up to your water line, so you pay only one monthly fee, regardless of how much water your business uses. All water is purified using micro-filtration and reverse osmosis with ultraviolet tank disinfection, guaranteeing safe and great-tasting water. And of course, all water coolers are Energy Star and TUV certified to have a minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to their positive environmental impact, water filtration systems like those offered by Canteen cut costs for businesses and improve the health and productivity of employees. To learn more about our water filtration services equipment options in your area and stay cool and hydrated throughout the summer heat, browse our Water Filtration Equipment, or contact Canteen.

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