Get to Know the Farm to Fork Movement

farming collageSometimes, trends take over faster than you can keep up. But, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about the back-to-basics concept, farm to fork:

What is it?
This concept encourages the use of natural, organic, and locally produced products. Often, cafes commit to sourcing a specific percentage of produce from local farms under this initiative.

Why is this important?
It’s an investment supporting an eco-friendly environment, a more healthful body, and an overall healthier community.

How can I support this movement?
Take the time to learn about your local farms and where you can find their produce. Whether you are cooking your own food or dining at a local establishment, supporting these farms is the best way to join the movement.

At Canteen, we take part in multiple efforts to support local businesses, such as purchasing Fair Trade certified products and source locally grown produce whenever possible.

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