5 Wellness Tips For Your Workplace

5 wellness tips for your workplace

The new year has rolled in and is already flying by! How are your resolutions going? What about your team’s? Workplace culture is quickly shifting to a more health-focused mindset, and the past couple of years have only accelerated that change. Mental and physical health are often directly affected by our careers, and in vice versa, our careers rely on our mental and physical health. So, how can you keep yourself and your team operating at your best, reduce burnout, boost the creative workflow, and feel better on your days off too? Start with the basics – the breakroom.

We have repeated time and time again that breaks matter, and we’re not just biased. A moment to separate yourself from your desk and decompress can relieve stress and help you push through the rest of the day with a clear mind. And that small gateway can open up to a whole list of opportunities to maximize results. Try these out to recharge for the rest of the day:

  1. Take a walk – You don’t have to go far, but stretching your legs and getting the blood flowing gives your mind a break, your heart a boost, and has incredible long-term effects on the rest of your body.
  2. Get outside – If you can, combine this with the first suggestion and get some sunlight in your life; the natural energy is a real game-changer, but don’t forget the sunscreen.
  3. Get some water – This is a given but easy to forget. While we’re at it, go get some water right now.
  4. Socialize with your coworkers – You spend most of your time with them anyway, might as well make friends. Catch up on the latest shows, or the game last night, or just talk about the weather, whatever the conversation, your brain will love you for it.
  5. Focus on Nutrition – While easy changes in your routine make a big difference, it all starts here. Your diet influences your body and mind in ways you might not expect. Starting with your meals and snacks is the easiest and most impactful way to boost all-day energy, cut through the foggy afternoon brain, and avoid burnout. We’re pretty big on that philosophy and offer plans to make better-for-you snacking a reality. Like Choice Plus – a program with set criteria to label snack, fresh food, and beverage options to make choosing a wellness-focused treat easy. Our team of registered dietitians and culinary experts designed Choice Plus utilizing the latest in nutrition and consumer research to offer new criteria for healthful snack/beverage alternatives.


Want more tips and tricks to keep your team feeling great all day? Interested in implementing better-for-you options in your workplace? Get started with us today!

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