Drinking Water at Work: Why, When, and How Much?

water imageWe’ve all heard the recommendation to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, but the intake level for each individual can vary based on certain factors.  So how much water should you actually drink, why do you need so much water, and when should you drink it?
How Much Water Should You Drink?

According to the Mayo Clinic, for a healthy adult living in a temperate climate, an appropriate daily fluid intake level for men is approximately 3 liters, or 13 cups, and for women is approximately 2.2 liters, or 9 cups.  This includes fluids from all foods and beverages, not just water.  For most individuals, at least eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water, when combined with the fluid intake from food consumption, is an adequate amount of fluid to keep your body properly hydrated and functional.  People who exercise frequently, live in hot or humid environments, or have certain health conditions often require higher levels of fluid consumption to replace fluids lost through sweat.
Why Water?
Water constitutes 60 percent of our body weight and is an essential component in many functions that keep our bodies healthy:

  • Appropriate hydration improves brain functionality and can prevent headaches.
  • Proper hydration keeps skin moisturized for healthier, softer skin.
  • Adequate water consumption boosts metabolism and helps your body properly break down food.
  • Water helps flush toxins out of the body, reducing fatigue and boosting energy to help you feel refreshed.
  • Water carries nutrients to cells to help your body function properly.
  • Water has no calories or sugar and is a natural component of the body.

In addition to these health benefits, water is relatively inexpensive and readily available, making it easier for individuals to achieve their recommended fluid intake level.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Water?
In general, as long as you drink water regularly enough to prevent thirst, the exact time of consumption does not matter.  However, it is considered a good idea to drink a glass of water with each meal and between each meal, as well as before, during and after exercise.  Provide plentiful amounts of clean, fresh water for your associates with our EcoStream water filtration units.  These versatile units can be used in various work environments, from offices to production facilities.  Contact us today to find the right office water solution for your business.