Health and Fitness? There’s an app for that

health and fitness

Mobile technology is changing how we do everything from work to play, and our health and fitness is no exception. People from all over are using mobile apps on the go to easily learn about ways to maintain healthier lifestyles. 40 million smartphone owners in the U.S. regularly use at least one wellness or fitness tracking app according to a survey conducted by Parks Associates.

With revolutionary health and fitness apps to even wearables like Fitbit, there’s no doubt that mobile tech is moving fast and with your health being a top priority for us at Canteen, we’ve designed wellness solutions that stay up-to-date with all the latest mobile health technology. Now, through our Connect app, you’ll have nutritional information about your favorite Avenue C or vending products right at your fingertips, giving you a little boost on your wellness journey.

In order to support wellness goals for our Avenue C shoppers, we’ve partnered with MyFitnessPal, the leading free nutrition diary application that provides real-time nutrition and fitness tracking, insights and community support with millions of users. Simply search “Avenue C” to find our most popular fresh food items in the extensive MyFitnessPal database to add to your daily nutrition diary.

Apps are transforming the way we stay fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Let’s work together to reach our wellness goals!

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