New Year, New Habits: How to be Active, Healthy, and Productive in the New Year

New Year, New Habits

Making New Year’s Resolutions is as much a tradition as parties and watching the ball drop. Unfortunately, sticking to them is a little more complicated than going out on New Year’s Eve. We’ve attacked the most common resolutions and broken them down into easy tips.


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Be More Active

This is a classic resolution, and if you’re like us, reiterated year after year to no avail. Luckily, these tips and tricks can help us all start small and build healthy fitness habits.

  • Park farther away. Drive to work? Park in a space on the opposite side of the lot. Or at least not right next to the entrance. Want to really step it up? On your way in, take the stairs.
  • Mix up your seating. Try a standing desk or medicine ball. In the age of treadmill desks (yes, that’s a thing), there are more than enough opportunities to introduce movement or variety to your regular sitting space.
  • Set alarms (and stick to them). Can’t run on a treadmill at your desk? No big deal. Just get up and walk on occasion. In the hustle and bustle of typing away all day, set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move. At least stretch your legs for a minute.
  • Walk and talk. The confines of the conference room are constraining. Break free and try a walking meeting. Take a quick trip to the breakroom or make a loop around the building to handle important topics in stride.
  • Pet-friendly office. Okay, we may be dreaming, but encouraging your team to bring their four-legged family members to work is an incredible boost to morale. Plus, everyone’s active as they take their pups for a walk.

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  • Move things around. Place your printer in one corner of the office and your coffee machine in another. Talk about building step counts! Employees must move around to complete regular office activities.


Healthier Eating

Healthy eating and being active are hand-in-hand this time of year. And again, we admit, it’s hard to stick to either, but these tips break it down so you’re the best you can be.

  • Have a snack. Sounds counterintuitive, sure, but taking advantage of mid-morning and afternoon snacks will keep your mind sharp and energy high. Light snacking also keep your appetite satisfied, so you don’t overeat at lunch and dinner. A small pack of dried fruit or almonds is an excellent snack for the morning. Try a low-sugar granola bar or some dark chocolate to answer the call of your sweet cravings.
  • Eat your lunch! Don’t make excuses. Yes, that healthy mid-morning snack made all the difference in your lunchtime appetite, or maybe you’re just too caught up in work, but the rule here is simple, don’t skip lunch! Lunch keeps you energized and focused when everyone starts crashing in the afternoon. Plus, we’re avoiding overeating, and a healthy lunch will keep you in line when dinner comes around.

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  • Enjoy lunch away from your desk. Now that we’ve established the importance of lunch, a mental break is significant too. Take a chance to focus your energy. Hang out with a coworker or friend and come back refreshed and ready to get even more done.
  • Drink plenty of water. The most straightforward healthy eating resolution you can make, but also so easy to forget. Water is key to an efficient body and mind, helping you get more done, but also curbing your appetite.
  • Copious amounts of coffee. We may be biased, but coffee is pretty great stuff. Caffeinated, decaffeinated, half-caff – doesn’t matter, it’s good for you and your system.


Be more productive.

You and everyone around you dream about productivity. From self-help books to lifehacks, there are a million theories on getting the most done. We’ve pinned down four simple, proven keys to being your best self in the workplace and out.

  • Forget failure. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. Don’t let the first misstep on your path to mastering productivity get you down for the rest of the year. So what if you mess up something on January 1st? You have 364 more days to get things right. Be positive. Stay focused. You got this.
  • Eat well. We’ll keep driving this point all year long. It’s not just about dieting and reaching your weight goals. Eating right affects everything you do and your ability to do it. Start small with healthy snacks like yogurt, granola bars, or nuts, maybe even chocolate. Heavy meals like pasta or roast beef may sound delicious and tempting but be wary of the sluggish aftereffects. Eat for energy and endurance to stay sharp all day.
  • Set goals. Think about what you want to accomplish this year, whether big or small. Make a plan and revisit it often. Go for something exciting, that you’re passionate about, in and out of work. You’ll feel great with each step towards your goal and even better when you complete it.

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  • Take breaks. Everything works after you turn it off and back on again, your brain too. Big or small, take time and refocus, gain a new perspective, and when you’re ready, get the job done. Take a lunch break with a friend, step away from work over the weekend. Don’t worry; your desk will be there when you get back.


Break bad habits.

  • Forming new habits can take time and effort, but breaking already established bad habits is much more difficult. Be patient with yourself, and instead of aiming at the stars, break goals down to small achievable steps to help you succeed.
  • Let us introduce you to the “20-Second Rule.” Before acting on that bad habit, consciously stop and wait 20 seconds. Every additional second works in your favor, building a defense against that negative behavior.
  • In time, your new habits will take over, becoming second nature. You’ll naturally follow your new routines without even thinking about it.


While making new habits and breaking old ones is a responsibility for you and your resolutions this new year, we’re here to help. For everything you need, from healthy snacks to productivity tips, Canteen can provide the support you need. Just start here.

Happy New Year!!

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