The Sweet Benefits of Whole Fruit

Since Kindergarten, we’re taught that fruit is good for us. From vitamins and minerals, to antioxidants and natural fiber—fruit is an excellent way to get a sweet fix without interrupting your personal wellness goals. But have you ever considered the difference fresh fruit would make on the job? It’s pretty fruitastic!

Having fresh fruit in the breakroom or office space has a myriad of benefits. For instance, bananas are an excellent source of natural fiber and carbohydrates—giving you what we like to call “banan-ergy”—or long-sustaining energy that doesn’t leave you crashing. This is a perfect remedy to the midday “blahs” that sneak up on us after lunchtime.

Plus, providing fresh snacking options in the office is a great way to show your team how valued they are and that their wellness matters. In addition, having colorful and vibrant fruit offers a refreshing pop of color to the workspace.

It’s amazing how much a simple bowl of fruit can do to liven up the office and those within it. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s work together to add some sweet fruit options to your breakroom!

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