A Recipe for Office Space Success

office space imageAn office space that is both fun and productive often requires the right recipe in order to be successful. To find a harmonious balance, consider some of these performance-boosting tips!

  • Looking for place to brainstorm? A community space where you can collaborate is ideal. Design team workspaces with openness and comfort in mind.
  • A clean desk makes for a clear mind! Take a few minutes each day to organize your workspace. Chances are, you will feel more organized and be able to focus better.
  • Colors can make a huge difference in your creativity. For example, soothing blue colors are proven to open our minds to inventive thoughts. Think about finding some soothing blue decorations for your workspace.
  • Plants are pretty to look at with an additional benefit: they are proven to filter the air around you, drastically improving your air quality and brain concentration!
  • Breakroom options like filtered water, fresh-brewed coffee and snacks not only give workplace morale a boost, but these items also give you something to look forward to when you’re in need of a break. Even a short, five minute break is proven to increase productivity. Coffee break anyone?

What does your office do to keep the environment lively, fun and also productive? We love to hear about your experience!

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