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Canteen Breakroom overview

Picture this: you’re visiting an office on a Tuesday afternoon. What do you imagine you’d see? Most likely, those ceiling-high cubicle walls are a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll see spur-of-the-moment meetings and active dialogue taking place in a more relaxed setting with soft seating, barista-quality coffee machines, snacks… the works. The industry calls it the workplace café of today, and according to Todd Heiser, Gensler principal and design director, a lot of “companies now get that they have to think and act differently… The war on talent is huge, and those who keep doing things the same way eventually won’t be able to expand and compete.”

Well folks, we’ve got something to help take your workspace with tons of potential or your existing breakroom to the next level. We offer the latest in breakroom design software, so we can help you create a pantry space that’s modern and engages your most valuable asset – your team. With this new technology, you can create your ideal space complete with lighting, seating, amenities, fixtures and finishes, turning your vision into a reality. You can even test it through our 3D virtual reality experience.

Mike Flanagan President Canteen Refreshment Services“As the industry leader in office coffee, breakroom and pantry services, we’re passionate about innovating and evolving the workspace. We know that the look and feel of the destination is just as important as the offerings that keep associates motivated while at work. Today’s new collaborative work pantries’ overall design establishes a space that can be utilized by the whole team. Restorative break spaces allow employees to perform their work at a high and more engaged level. Our Breakrooom Designer software allows us to help clients visualize the full potential of what their break space can be. We bring concepts to life.”

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