Spruce Up Your Workspace

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Spring has arrived! That means the ever-so infamous phrase is getting tossed around more frequently at home and in the office. Yes, we’re talking about “spring cleaning”.

We all know that it looks nice to have a tidy desk, but did you know there are some actual mental, physical, and emotional benefits too? That’s right! Despite the time it takes away from your jam-packed day, here are four reasons you should add spring cleaning to the list and spruce up your workspace:

    1. Keep a clear mind with a clean desk.
      Ever hear the phrase “you are a product of your environment”? The state of your desk is the perfect example. Think about it; if your desk is tidy and everything is put away in its place, you can easily find documents and supplies when you need them.
      image of stack of files
      No need to rummage through junk drawers or piles of random papers you meant to file weeks ago. This way, you can focus clearly on the task at hand.


    • Stay healthy.
      Although we would probably rather not think about it, we carry germs around the office, sharing them with our keyboard, phone and computer mouse. Regularly setting aside time to do a deep-clean of your desk with disinfectant wipes and other cleaning products can help reduce the spread of pesky viruses, keeping you and your co-workers fit as a fiddle.


    • Boost your mood.
      Having a clean desk is something to be proud of. That alone can make you feel happier in your workspace.
      girl meditating
      Additionally, if you take a moment at the end of each day to put items away, you’ll elicit a great feeling of accomplishment. It’s the icing on the cake to another good day.


  • Build team spirit.
    Believe it or not, cleaning can actually be fun, especially if your team works together. Try having a spring cleaning day in the workplace. That way, you don’t think of cleaning as a chore; it’s a group activity.

Feeling pumped about sprucing up your workspace? Check out the infographic below for some tips to help make it happen. Don’t forget to share it with your team – they’ll definitely thank you for it!infographic on clearing clutter

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