Coffee Creamer Pairings

Enjoying a cup of hot coffee and cream along with your favorite snack is a tasty way to get reenergized during the work day. But did you know that certain creamers complement your snacks better than others? Like cookies and milk, or peanut butter and jelly, some flavors just go together better. Whether you are snacking on something sweet, salty or spicy, we have the perfect creamer suggestion for you!

Sweet Snacks

When your snack is already sweet like a pastry or cookie, Plain creamer is the way to go. It may help break up the sweet taste and refresh your palate.

orange creamer imageSalty Snacks

Ever hear that salty and sweet flavors go great together? That’s why we think a sweet creamer is the perfect match to a salty snack! There are many sweet flavors out there to choose from. Some of our favorites are French Vanilla and Irish Crème!

green creamer imageSpicy Snacks

With spicy snacks, you could go in a couple of different ways. To achieve a slightly nutty spiced flavor, grab some Hazelnut creamer. On the other hand, sweet and spicy are two complementary flavors, so you could also try Sweet Cream or Irish Crème.

Whether you’re snacking on something sweet, salty or spicy, Canteen has the perfect creamer solution! Check out our Product Guide for a snapshot of our refreshment services… including coffee creamers!

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