Find Your Chill: Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

Ahh, summer . . . the official season for iced and cold brew coffee. Both of these trendy summer percolations provide a popular way to find relief throughout these record-high summer temps. Although very close in concept, these cooled-off cousins share a couple key differences that set them apart: the brewing process and taste.

For iced coffee, the brewing process is simple: brew a hot cup of coffee, pour it over ice, and voila! You’ve got iced coffee. This method yields a tasty, medium to full-bodied flavor. (Note: since the melting of the ice may dilute the coffee, some people choose to double the amount of beans used in order to maintain its integrity).

For cold brew, the difference is in the name. Ground coffee is typically steeped for 12+ hours in cool water until it becomes a coffee concentrate, which is then mixed with more cool water to create the perfect balance for your cup. Since no heat has been added in the process, cold brew coffee is less acidic—leaving you with a sweeter, more velvety taste.

Which method do you prefer? You really can’t go wrong! Both iced and cold brew coffee offer a great way to chill out this summer. Contact us today to find the best options for your team.

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