Little Pods That Make a BIG Difference!

When you hear the term “single-serve coffee,” what comes to mind? If your first thought is a Keurig or something similar, you’d be right on track with the majority of America. In fact, single-serve brewers have been the 2nd most popular way to brew coffee since 2012, after classic drip brewers. What makes them so popular? They’re quick, convenient, and easy to use.

Most single-cup machines use an innovative pod system to brew coffee, like K-Cups for example, but we’d like to share with you one in particular—soft pods! These nifty little disc-shaped pouches are filled with ground coffee or tea. You might have already seen them if you’ve ever made an in-room cup of coffee during a hotel stay. Many hotel chains choose to offer these pods, and there are many great reasons why.

For starters, soft pods are one of the most efficient ways to brew quality coffee. Their flat, round shape provides more surface area for the water to contact the coffee, leaving you with the most flavorful cup of Joe. Plus, soft pods can be very eco-friendly! Unwrapped and/or used pods are compostable and biodegradable, helping to eliminate waste.

Plus, for people who like to “wake up and smell the coffee” (and let’s be honest… who doesn’t?), you’ll be excited to know that brewing with soft pods creates more of that fragrant aroma you love since they aren’t packaged in a plastic container. Pretty awesome, right? We think so!

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