Perfect Time for Decaf

clock imageIt’s a brisk spring morning as you sit outside the office reading the newspaper before work. Taking a sip of warm coffee feels so soothing in the morning air and when you finish it, you feel ready to take on the day. Sounds like a great morning doesn’t it? Although, your typical cup of Joe is great to make you feel more alert at the start of your day, it isn’t always the best choice if you’re struggling to fall asleep at night. That’s when decaf comes into play.

Decaf coffee is the perfect way to have your coffee fix and have no problem getting your beauty sleep. Decaf, like regular coffee, is loaded with antioxidants, which are great for overall body health.

If it’s a hot afternoon when you’re looking to enjoy some decaf coffee, try making it iced! Brew your decaf coffee a little stronger than usual, add your sweetener, pour into a glass full of ice, add your creamer and enjoy. It’s a tasty way to enjoy a refreshing glass of iced decaf coffee, and simple enough to make in the breakroom!

Looking to add decaf options to your workplace breakroom? Canteen offers a coffee menu full of nationally recognized brands and top quality blends. Whether it’s early in the morning and you’re looking for a cup of regular java, or it’s late in the afternoon and you’re looking for some decaf, we make anytime coffee time!

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