The Complete Breakroom

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Every company has a breakroom, but the right components can make the difference between just another room in the office and the creation of a delightful, relaxing experience for employees and guests.


No one wants to hang out in a dark room with empty walls and uncomfortable seating. A warm and inviting breakroom is a place where employees can take their minds off their work for a few moments to relax and recharge, and it can also be a place to entertain guests or prospective employees. Warm colors, bright lighting and comfortable seating options help create a welcoming environment. Televisions and periodicals are an added benefit that can also be included in your breakroom.

Coffee and Water

A growing number of Americans rely on coffee to jumpstart their day, so they appreciate having access to this popular beverage at work. Office coffee service ensures that your employees have access to this added benefit without creating added work for you. Filtered water is a complementary benefit to coffee and a great way to keep employees hydrated and happy throughout the day.

At-Work Snack and Meal Options

Conveniently located snack and meal options are the cornerstone of most breakrooms. On-site options, offered through either vending, Avenue C, or directly in the breakroom as a free option make it possible for employees to find the nutrition and energy they need within convenient walking distance of their workspace.

Cleaning Supplies

Where snacking and dining take place, spills and crumbs are likely to follow. Maintaining a clean breakroom helps keep employees happy and healthy, so make sure your breakroom has a waste basket, a hand sink with soap and paper towels, and disinfectant spray to wipe down tables and chairs.

By including these essential elements in your breakroom design, you can transform the space into a multipurpose room with benefits for current associates, appeal for prospective employees and a “wow” factor for guests visiting your facility.

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