Fresh Food on the Go

If you’re on your way to work or traveling for business, snacking on the go is an essential part of life. Today, macro-drivers like technology, health/wellness, and the economy, encourage a stop-and-go 24/7 lifestyle for many consumers.  Snacking on fresh foods can fuel that lifestyle while providing just what your body needs to get through an active workday. Here are some great portable options for you to try the next time you’re headed out the door!

Fruits & Veggies

image of bananas on deskEven the fresh foodies among us struggle to find a handy fruit or veggie you can eat while traveling. Bananas are a great selection, complete with their own mess-free packaging. Rich in potassium, these are great options for your commute.

Carrots are also a convenient and nutritious choice. Add celery and snap peas to your snack bag for color and a tasty variety. You’ll get a delicious crunch and good-for-you vitamins all in one!

Why not take all your favorite veggies, add some fruit, and blend it together for a one-two punch of flavor and freshness?  Try something green!  Mix in leafy greens with your favorite fruits for a power-fueled smoothie. Kale or spinach can amplify your smoothie and provide you with key nutrients for the day. If green isn’t your go-to, why not mix up some fruits and beets? A red smoothie is a great way to feed your appetite and fill up on necessary vitamins. What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?


Crackers or chips might be your go-to option when choosing snacks. How about taking these classic snacks to the next level? Hummus, salsa, peanut butter, or guacamole are all amazing additions that can easily turn your snack into a mini meal. Plus, they can spice up a pretty traditional snack into something more interesting and filling. Perfect to energize you for a busy day on the run! The best part? You can find these fresh spreads in a portable package at an Avenue C near you!

On the move? Be sure to check out the Choice Plus options at a vending machine to grab something perfect for a life on-the-go. These snacks will certainly lead to a happier, more productive workday.  What’s your favorite grab-and-go snack?Share with us!

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