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Picture this… a space in your office where your team gathers, community is built and the best ideas are created. We live in a culture of coffee – where coffee breaks happen throughout the day, and the office coffee machine is no longer just a source of java. Find out why coffee really matters.

Providing your team with coffee will not only delight them, but coffee also has some pretty awesome health benefits.

  • Coffee makes people happy.
  • Caffeine improves energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain function.
  • Caffeine can increase fat burning in the body and boost the metabolic rate.
  • Coffee can improve productivity.

What’s the right blend for your team?

how do you take your coffee graphicArabica Beans

  • Most common type of coffee
  • Sweet, softer taste
  • Grown primarily in Latin America, Colombia and Brazil
  • Also found in: Africa, Papau New Guinea, and India
  • More difficult to grow, takes years before the fruit is mature for coffee
  • Must be grown at specific altitudes

Robusta Beans

  • Double the energy boost of Arabica
  • Strong, harsher taste
  • Grown primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere: Africa, Indonesia and India
  • Also found in: Brazil
  • Easier to grow, less susceptible to pests and weather
  • Grown at lower altitudes

So why does coffee matter?

If coffee is not available in the office, associates will make at least one coffee run per day. On average, employees use 20 minutes per day getting coffee. That’s a third of their hourly pay!


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If you don’t provide coffee in the office, you’ll continue to lose money and productivity with daily coffee runs. Don’t let this happen to you.

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