Say Hello to Smart Market!

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We are excited to reveal our latest innovation! Introducing…Smart Market! Smart Market is changing the way guests shop in public or semi-public environments bringing the benefits of a self-checkout micro-market to their retail world, including an expansive product selection, state-of-the-art technology, secure shopping, and 24/7 convenience. From deli sandwiches and salads, to top-rated snacks and drinks, we make grabbing a quick bite easy. We even offer bean-to-cup Starbucks coffee, fresh brewed every time!

Let’s Go Shopping

Using the main kiosk or online at, follow the easy steps to create an account. There, you’ll be able to access transaction history, make account updates or add funds online at any time. When shopping, you’ll be able to use your fingerprint, account card, QR code via the mobile app, or your username.

Just passing by? Use a credit card at the main kiosk or at any door. Just swipe and start shopping! Your cart will follow you throughout your entire shopping trip going from one cooler door to the next, until you’re ready to check out. As selections are made, the system tracks the items you pick up using patented infrared technology, displaying your shopping cart at each door. Don’t worry, the system only charges you for what you walk away with!

Once your shopping trip is complete and you’ve collected your goodies, you can either visit the main kiosk to review your order and print a detailed receipt, or simply walk away. The choice is yours! Each transaction closes out within sixty seconds.

Smart Market Technology

In creating this innovation, we wanted to ensure that each experience was simple, safe, and secure. Each Smart Market comes equipped with camera technology to enhance security and notify our clients and authorized parties of any potential concerns. In the case of an issue or concern, 24/7 customer service is at your fingertips (online or through a mobile device).

As you can see, Smart Market is the perfect choice for hospitals, hotels, entertainment venues, schools, and other public locations. Are you ready for the Smart Market experience? Contact us today.

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