4 Energy-Boosting Foods for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, but sometimes there is a lot to get done. Cleaning the house to prepare for guests, baking lots of yummy treats, shopping for presents, searching for the best deals, unwrapping presents (one of the best parts), and so on. All of this running around can leave you feeling a bit fatigued (even though it’s totally worth it). Here are some foods that can naturally give your body a boost!


So water isn’t really a food, but it is very important to stay hydrated in order to help maintain energy levels. So keep a bottle of water next to you throughout the day.

Energy Bars

These handy snacks are especially great when you’re on the go during the holidays. The more natural the energy bar, the better it is for you. We offer many different varieties of better-for-you energy and granola bars in our vending machines andAvenue C locations! (Quick tip: look for the Choice Plus identifier to help you find the better-for-you options.)

Mixed Nuts

image of almondsNuts contain a higher level of calories, which may sound like a bad thing. However, in this case, the high calorie content in each serving will actually give you a great energy boost. You can find a great assortment of mixed nuts in our vending machines and Avenue C locations.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can improve your focus and mood. Focus could really help you get through that last bit of shopping searching through the whole town to find the last Turbo Man (Side note: if you don’t know about Turbo Man, sit down and watch Jingle All the Way). We offer some delicious leafy green salads in our Avenue C locations as a great option to get your daily omega-3’s.

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