Canteen and USA Technologies Team to Launch Vending Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Last month, Canteen teamed up with USA Technologies (USAT), a leader in cashless vending technologies, and Thanks Again, LLC to integrate Canteen’s vending and micro-market locations into the customer loyalty rewards program at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW). Now, customers can gain frequent flyer or hotel account benefits when they make purchases at one of many Canteen vending locations throughout the airport. Canteen long ago implemented cashless vending and mobile payment technologies at vending locations throughout the U.S., but the recent partnership with USAT and Thanks Again is one of the first steps in employing those technologies to give back to our customers. With the new rewards program, Canteen adds even more savings for our customers to the quality and convenience already offered by our vending services in DFW. Customers can get beverages, snacks, fresh foods, and packaged meals to take with them on their flight or enjoy while they wait, and can now reap frequent flyer rewards for doing so. DFW flight passengers simply have to register online and they’ll begin earning miles for all purchases made at participating retailers or services within DFW. In addition to Canteen vending locations, passengers can earn miles or points at airport shops, restaurants, airport parking areas, and even for pet boarding transactions. For now, the Thanks Again program can be enjoyed by anyone who passes through DFW, but this pilot location is just the beginning. With USA Technologies and Thanks Again, Canteen intends to lead the way in vending rewards by developing similar programs at additional locations across the U.S. Stay tuned to our blog for announcements about new or upcoming reward programs, and contact Canteen to explore our innovative vending and refreshment services in your area.

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