Canteen Refreshment Service’s Fall Favorites

pumpkin coffee image

Many coffee drinkers associate the start of autumn with a blitz of autumn-themed drinks and snacks. This year, fans of seasonal flavors don’t need to visit a coffee shop for their favorite seasonal specials; thanks to Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee, you can find them right in your workplace. This autumn, Green Mountain Coffee is offering its first flavored latte, which comes in Vue packs designed specifically for the Keurig Vue brewing system. The company also offers a seasonal pumpkin spice flavored coffee in bags, K-Cups and Vue packs, which can be brewed using any of Canteen’s Keurig office coffee machines. Both the new latte and seasonal coffee are made with Fair Trade Certified beans.

In addition to the Green Mountain pumpkin spice flavor, Keurig-compatible coffees come in seasonal Autumn Harvest and Gingerbread coffee blends as well. In the next few months, we’ll also have a selection of winter seasonal blends, including Golden French Toast, Holiday Blend, Island Coconut, Spicy Eggnog, and Wicked Winter Blend.

Keurig and Green Mountain, though making news with their first single-cup latte brewing system, are not Canteen’s only equipment/product combination to bring seasonal favorites into your workplace. We also carry Alterra’s seasonal Pumpkin Spice coffee blend and an assortment of coffees from Starbucks, Peet’s, Dunkin Donuts, Seattle’s Best, and more.

If you aren’t a fan of fall’s seasonal coffee flavors, our year-round offering of regular coffee, hot chocolate, and tea can still help keep you warm and energized throughout autumn. View Canteen’s office coffee and refreshment service Product Guide to explore our additional product offering.

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