Compass Group Joins Practice Greenhealth Community

Practice Greenhealth

It’s official! Canteen has joined the Practice Greenhealth community along with Morrison Healthcare, Crothall Healthcare, TouchPoint Support Services and Foodbuy. What does this mean? Members of Practice Greenhealth act as agents of change and healing forces in their community, and Compass Group is now a part of this network of over 1,300!

What is Practice Greenhealth?

Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit organization, a network of tools and resources for the health care sector to successfully create safe and healthy environments by implementing sustainable practices into daily operations.

What Makes Compass Group a Great Fit for Practice Greenhealth?

Compass Group’s sustainability platform ensures that we protect and manage our food sources, as well as those who harvest our food. Our goal is to source foods that are responsibly produced and have a smaller carbon footprint. Morrison, Crothall, TouchPoint, Canteen and FoodBuy are all committed to supporting not only our caregivers and patients, but also our community and environment.

Canteen and Compass Group are both thrilled to be official members of the Practice Greenhealth community and look forward to continuing our support of green practices in the industry. For more information on Compass Group’s membership with Practice Greenhealth, please read the Practice Greenhealth News Release.

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